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Uppababy CRUZ (Loic) $$$

Right away, I will say that I really like this stroller.

The reason I got this stroller is because I could have the seat face me or frontwards. I’m obsessed with looking at my son, so I wanted that option of being able to change the seat in either direction. It’s stylish, easy to maneuvre with one hand and it’s light weight (21.5 lbs with the canopy). There are many color options, and there are really nice 2019 colors coming if not arrived already. I chose white (I know I’m crazy) as I love how it looks with the tanned color leather belly bar and handles. I get tons of comments on how nice it looks 😉 and I love the color I chose.


The Uppababy CRUZ isn’t categorized as a umbrella and/or trifold stroller that’s usually more suitable for traveling/vacationing, however I did travel with it and I liked it. I also purchased the travel bag with it.

The nice thing about the travel bag is Uppababy has their own Travel Safe Program. (Click here for their website info) Included with your purchase of the stroller, this program covers any damages incurred to your stroller during air travel as long as you register the serial number before your flight. It’s like Apple care but for your stroller! I found this feature really alluring as I haven’t found another stroller/carseat company that does the same. I was sold.

The seat/canopy also has multiple positions for reclining. You can see in the photo where my husband is modeling, it’s in the reclined position so baby can relax (and hopefully nap!)

You can seat a newborn with the purchase of an insert, but without the insert the stroller can carry up to 50 lbs. It has a telescoping handle bar and a canopy with 50+ SPF protection that also has an extension for extra coverage and protection. It also has a nice big basket underneath the toddler seat to store your diaper bag and whatever else your hands are too full to hold (I like to put my groceries in there instead of handling a shopping cart.)

This is the smaller of the two styles Uppababy offers, but because I already had the Babyjogger City Elite stroller I wanted something lighter.

There is also the Uppababy Vista model which is about $1300 CAD as opposed to the $800 CAD that the Cruz cost. The Vista is super popular because it has the option of adding a rumble seat (second seat for a second child) on the stroller and also comes with a removable bassinet. When I purchased my stroller I didn’t see the need for the bassinet. However if I had that in the beginning I would have most definitely used it. You can also buy the bassinet separately for the Cruz and it’s also compatible with the Vista model.

The Cruz is my go to stroller for going to the mall, traveling/ vacationing and walks – as long as its not on any tricky terrain like mud, snow or rocky pathways. I feel this stroller is more for your urban city living folk/ lifestyle, and you’ll love the lightweight and easy to collapse frame.

This stroller was purchased at West Coast Kids. Click Here to go directly to purchase.

Update: Unfortunately this color is now discontinued 🙁

Baby Jogger City Elite (Grey) $$

Baby Jogger seems to be a popular brand. 80% of the moms I see at the mall sport Baby Jogger strollers (not specifically this stroller). This stroller was purchased at West coast kids for just under $650.

My good friend Donna gave me this stroller. She actually didn’t like this stroller, but I like it. I did agree with her reasons for not liking it, though. Let me explain.

The reasons why I like it:

  • Wheels are solid and sturdy and can go through snow, mud, well, pretty much any terrain. (unlike the Uppababy CRUZ, which struggles in a lot of terrain)
  • Great for out door walks
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy to fold
  • You can use it as a travel system with your car seat (with adapters)

Now, the list of reasons why I did not like it:

  • Its heavy AF (26 lbs)
  • Looks like it is a jogging/runner stroller but it is not
  • Big/bulky (not great for when you’re at the mall and in tight quarters – I bumped into everything)
  • Does not stand while folded
  • Awkward to take in and out of your car due to the weight (I drive an SUV and find it awkward and heavy. Even taking it out of my friend’s tiny hatchback was a struggle)
  • Only faces frontwards
  • Not the color I would have chosen for a stroller (since I’m so fancy and all)
  • Small Basket underneath, and only barely holds my diaper bag

All in all, I would not have purchased this model myself, but Baby Jogger has better models that have better options. Once I knew what I wanted in a stroller (I accepted this stroller when I didn’t know anything about baby gear – also, it was a gift) I knew I wanted the toddler seat to be both rear- and front-facing thus why I ended up getting the Uppababy CRUZ.

I might have opt for the Uppababy Vista if I didn’t already have this as it has bigger wheels for multiple types of terrain and had a rear/front toddler seat option.

Who am I to complain though right? I got it for free!

Click HERE for more info on the stroller or to purchase

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me ! Just shoot me a message below in comments 🙂