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Black Out Blinds

AmazonBasics Baby Travel Blackout Blind

Blackout curtains! (with bonus cat for the internet to fawn over)

Let me tell you – these are a huge savior when you travel.

I purchased this curtain from amazon (40$ CAD) for our trip to Hawaii. We were lucky that the two different houses we stayed at had curtains that blacked out the room enough for Ryo, so I didn’t end up needing them.
We did test out the curtain when we got home and we found that it did a really good job.

The curtain is lightweight and compacts into a small bag easily. You can adjust the size and span with the Velcro components. One of the big concerns I read in the reviews and questions about this product was whether or not the suctions cups stay up well, and I’m here to say that yes, the suction cups work well (if they have a little water on them). The lightweight material makes it so the suction cups don’t have to work very hard.

I would recommend this curtain because it’s effective and cheaper than the Gro Anywhere Blinds (60$CAD). A friend of mine had the Gro Anywhere blinds and they were heavier, so I’m sure they work well but for the price I would definitely go with the AmazonBasics curtain.

You can check out my pick by clicking here.