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Your DIY Guide for Postpartum Cold Packs.

AKA frozen pads for your vag

“WHAT ARE THOSE ??” some of you may be asking.

They’re literally frozen pads to wear after your vagina is ripped from giving birth. Because why else would your vagina be ripped? * eyebrow raise * Haha.

If you’re currently pregnant and basically wanting to do everything and anything you can to prepare yourself, do yourself a favor and make some god damned padsicles, woman!

When I first heard about them I thought, “really, that’s a thing?“.

And after I asked around I knew this was something I should make for myself. Thank god I did because they were AHH-mazing. When I arrived home with a swollen vagina, I threw one of those on and ou la la did it soothe. No lie, felt very nice.
I never thought motherhood would involve putting a frozen pad on my vagina haha.

Ok, now I’ll give you the directions on how to make a padsicle. Now, this is the fancy way of making it but you can just make them like the hospitals do and just put some water on the pads and freeze them, that works great too. At the hospital I used that for the almost 2 days that I was there and they were Ahh-mazing!

Okay, here’s what you’ll need:

Go Buy:

  1. Maxi Pads – Get the overnight long ones (I got the Always brand extra heavy overnight ones)
  2. Witch Hazel – don’t get scared of the name. I promise its not some voodoo shit. It’s an extract from the witch hazel shrub. It’s natural. This will help with soothing skin, reduce inflammation and heal that wound your baby helped you make. Most importantly avoid any brands that have alcohol, this could cause irritation. I actually had a hard time finding alcohol-free version, but I found the one in my pictures from a community health store. Short side story: I asked the pharmacist and she said that alcohol-free ones don’t exist – bullshit because I found it, BISH.
  3. Aloe Vera Gel – A hundy’ percent okay (100%) this will be another ahh-mazing natural soothing treatment for vagina. Trust.
  4. Lavender Essential OilNow this is optional, you can put 2-3 drops on the pad. This can help reduce swelling and inflammation as well. Make sure not to use really potent stuff as you may be sensitive down there. I used a diluted product from the pharmacy (they’re usually not that potent)
  5. Large Zip Lock Bag – To hold and contain your pads in the freezer.

How to make:

  • Open the pad but leave the plastic things on the wings on so you can close it again with them on.

  • Grab the witch hazel and squirt a couple tablespoons onto the pad. ( I literally didn’t measure and I’m sure I used more than a tablespoon – it really doesn’t matter.)
  • Take the aloe vera spread about 2 tablespoons (again I didn’t measure)
  • If you did get essential oils (which I did) just put a few drops on.
  • Close the pad up and put it in the zip lock bag and place the bag in the freezer once you’ve made as many padsicles as you wish.

You’re welcome 😉


<3 LK


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