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My Diaper Bag and Carry On Essentials

My handsome Hubby wearing the Fawn Design backpack

I’ve been asked “What’s in your diaper bag? Actually, better yet, what do you put in your diaper bag when traveling?!”

I initially got blue for my own self want, but it really looks good on him being a male.

Let me first make a suggestion for when you’re shopping for a diaper bag – get a back pack. Shoulder bags are soooo 2000’s.

My favorite back pack (I’ve had two) is the Fawn Design, it comes in so many colors and two sizes (don’t be silly, get the larger one). I chose blue since I had a boy! This isn’t the only nice one out there, though, there are a lot of different and nice ones available. I also had the Skip Hop one in army green which was super cute as well. I mainly use the Fawn Design one because I loved that they weren’t stiff and the leather is soft.

Okay, so moving on to what’s actually in my bag just like you’ve asked.

Ask and you shall receive. Here are the essential items that I have in my diaper bag when traveling:

  • Diapers (DUH) well, obviously right? But when traveling, I tend to go a size up. Helps with blow outs – this has helped me 100%. My favourite diapers by the way are the Rascal & Friends Premium Diapers. They’re new but they’re really a favourite with the girls I know.
  • Baby Wipes – again the obvious but put in a pack that’s half empty so it doesn’t take up so much space. You don’t need a brand new one for your travel day. It’s also multipurpose; you can wipe your hands, counters, clothes, or anything that needs a wipe. As I mentioned in my travelling post, this is something you can buy almost anywhere you go.
  • Changing pad – I personally would rather change my baby on a changing pad set on the floor of the airport than change him in the washroom on those change tables found in the washroom. Those seriously gross me out. Click HERE for the one I have.Especially after I saw on the news recently that some people like to do drugs on them. I’m pretty sure we’re mostly safe (fake news!!) but I sure don’t want to risk getting drug residue all over my baby. Read the article here.
  • Nursing Cover or a burp towel. This is for all the losers out there who think we should cover ourselves and can’t handle a titty out and about, that’s giving life to a baby. I have a double ring one that I love and I find that it works so much better than those scarf ones or the single ring ones. Click here for the one I have. The brand is called Booby Trapper (hahah LOVE THAT NAME).
  • Teething toys (3 months and up) This gives them something to chew on instead of your hand or your hair.
  • Pacifier/soother clip If your baby takes one, first of all, great! This is good to have if your baby doesn’t want the bottle or the boob while taking off and landing it helps them swallow to keep any ear discomfort away. The really cute soother clip I got as a gift was from this cute shop on Instagram: (@bambika.shop). She custom made mine and one for my girlfriend check her etsy out HERE
  • A few doggy poop bags. HUH?! WHY?! I thought that’s what the diapers were for… Just in case you see a dog and wanna help pick up their shit. Just kidding! It’s for the diaper. If there is no garbage around you when you’re in a car and that diaper is stank-y, it helps to be able to seal off that nastiness.
  • Lip balm (yes, for you mama bear) I don’t know but I’m always god damn dehydrated. I never have time to drink water while traveling and when I have a drink its something that’s dehydrating like vodka or coffee or vodka in my coffee, you know, whatever.
  • Coffee cup/tumbler – one that has a lid that seals good, so that your drink doesn’t spill because you were only blessed with two hands and can’t hold everything but still need that sweet, sweet caffeine.
  • Dissolvable puffs/mum mums IF your baby is older than 6 months. This will keep them occupied so you can drink your coffee or vodka coffee, or whatever. I really like Baby Gourmet brand Mushies. Love watching my baby learn putting things in his mouth with his pincer fingers.
  • Boogie Wipes This is a personal preference. I don’t like using baby wipes on my baby’s face. I know it’s another item you may not use but I also put a almost half or empty pack so it doesn’t take too much space.
  • Baby Tylenol. I’ve never had to use this but I truly believe it’s because I’ve always had it on me. I’m sure the one time I don’t bring it I’ll need it. This can be used for teething or a cold.
  • Extra Baby Onesie. In case baby has a blow out. I’ve even packed two outfits just in case he had two blow outs. I’ve never experienced one blow out so two was definitely planning overkill. One outfit/onesie is good enough. Oh, and make it a zipper one.
  • Baby Wrap Carrier. Now let me first say the only reason I carried this was because the one I have is thin and isn’t super bulky. I have the Solly Baby Wrap now and it’s like a nice soft scarf that is a baby carrier. I’ve used it as a blanket and a nursing cover and even a towel. I had a Moby wrap and that one is thicker and I wouldn’t bring into my diaper bag because it was thicker. I used the wrap when I gate checked my stroller and needed both hands to hold my tickets/phone and passports. Keep in mind this is me flying solo but I still did this even with my husband. Once you’ve experienced hands free baby carrying, you don’t go back.
  • Earphones. Do you realize how much airlines charge for these on board?
  • Travel Wallet. It’s basically a large wallet to hold your tickets, passports, money and cards. Click HERE for the one I got.
  • Phone Charger. We lost our luggage for almost 2 days. Actually the airline lost our luggage, and your phone is important so keep the charger on you. How else will you capture those sweet pictures of your little one?

Well there you have it! Those are my essential diaper bag items when I travel let alone everyday!

Happy traveling & Good luck 🙂

<3 LK


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