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The Ultimate Travel Stroller

Remember those umbrella strollers that basically folded into a stick? The ones so resilient and hardy, you could just throw them around? There’s a new version that’s become the trend: the tri-fold stroller, or as some know it, the compact stroller. These strollers are now so compact that most of them fit in the overhead bin in the airplanes! When I saw this I was like wow, so cool!

I have some friends who could give two shits about buying anything but the well known traditional umbrella stroller and honestly that’s cool – it’s practical, it makes sense. I personally think they’re ugly and flimsy, like they’re meant for dolls. I know, I’m 100% making excuses and probably don’t need to spend that extra money, but I want to. You do, however, get what you pay for. With these new tri-fold strollers you can get one on the lower end of the price scale or splurge and go a bit higher end. Of course being the bougie bitch that I try to be (HAHA) I went with the higher end. Let me justify my excessive-ness here.

The key things I wanted in a travel stroller:

  1. Be able to fold it with one hand, because I would most likely be holding baby in other hand.
  2. Small and compact so that it actually fit in the overhead bin.
  3. Quality. I didn’t want something flimsy, and it had to have good wheels. I’m all about good wheels. I became a mom and suddenly I have to have good wheels for the stroller. Who the fuck have I become?
  4. Reclined seat for baby.
  5. SPF protection. A good canopy that protects baby from the blaring sun.
  6. Last, and of course most importantly, Style. I had to have something that made Ryo look super cool. 😛

I tested out a few before I made my decision. I tried several different ones.

Baby Trend Trifold Mini Stroller I did initially like it because the price was great ($136 CAD). You can only get this in the US, first of all (luckily I was in Texas at the time) but more than that it was hard to fold with just one hand and with a baby in the other.

Overall I would recommend it but you definitely need to work it in so you can fold it with one hand. I didn’t get it because I didn’t want to have to werk to use it, and it didn’t have SPF protection. So I returned it, (yes, I bought it and Amazon took it back with no questions asked).

Contours Bits Mini Compact Fold Stroller This one was also overall okay. Coming in at a price of $239 CAD, IMO the price was more than it should be in comparison to the baby trend stroller.

This one was the most flimsy one of the ones I tried. I do not recommend, especially for the price point.

Mountain Buggy Nano This one was good! It had the 5 point harness you want need to strap in your wiggly child, nice materials, was easy to push with one hand, you could fold it easily (but you need two hands), and it wasn’t UBER expensive. It retails for $269/$369, depending on color, and I thought this stroller was reasonably priced. You can also attach any car seat (bucket seat) to this stroller and you do not need adapters which is a nice bonus because adapters can be $40-60 dollars extra. I did not purchase it in the end because you needed two hands to fold and unfold it, and I didn’t like that you had to take off the wheels to pack it in its storage bag. However, I would recommend this and I have a couple friends who have this stroller and like it very much.

Uppababy Minu Now we are getting to the higher end of the travel stroller budget. The Uppababy brand is popular, reputable and known for their strollers for being of high quality, reliable, comfortable, not to mention they just look good. Priced at around $589 CAD, the Minu can be folded easily with one hand, and it has rear suspension on the wheels (WOOOOOOO you had me at suspension) which makes it easy to push and maneuver left and right quickly. For the baby it would defiantly be a comfy ride, and it felt sturdy enough that it made me feel good about putting Ryo inside. The Minu can be purchased in 3 different colors and has a fancy leather handle (like my UPPABABY CRUZ, check out my review on the Cruz here). This was a great stroller overall. The one reason I didn’t buy it was because it actually wasn’t as compact as I wanted. I was comparing it to the Babyzen Yoyo and it was huge in comparison. It would not fit in most overhead bins as I’ve seen in other online reviews. For the price I would expect a travel bag to come with it, but nope. Just like the strollers the travel bags are also expensive. And just like the bigger strollers Uppababy has, you have to remove the wheels before packing it into the travel bag- which is something I don’t want to do. I have to do that with the big stroller! Lastly, you would expect that fanfolding it with one hand should mean you can open it with one hand too, right? Wrong. You need two hands, and just like their bigger strollers it has that clip you need to un-latch, which – you guessed it – requires two hands. I tried with one hand and while bending over at the same time, Ryo was flopping over and it was disastrous. I almost dropped him. I pretty much caught him half way to the ground, so that was a hard no for me.

Babyzen Yoyo+ And for the upper echelons of strollers (IMO and many others online that I have seen in their vids and articles) here we are. It is a French company (but of course) that created this small little beaut of a compact stroller. It is one of a kind. There isn’t another stroller like this on the market that’s as small and folds up and fits into almost ANY overhead bin.

I will tell you the bad first. It’s expensive. The frame alone is $619 CAN. Then you have to buy the color pack you want ($70 CAD) unless you get the special edition Air France one, in which case the color pack is $110 CAD. SO in total you’re spending over 7 hundred dollars for essentially an umbrella stroller. Who the fuck does that. Oh, Me. IN MY DEFENSE it was on sale and I was mad at my husband so that’s how I justified it. Haha. You’ve done this too don’t lie.

At the airport waiting for our call to board the plane!

Why did I buy it though? Because of all the strollers I tried this was the only one I could fold while holding my baby and carry it on my other shoulder because it was light. Its 3 lbs lighter than the Uppababy Minu and while that might seem like not a lot, it matters! I can fold and unfold it with ease. OH and get this, this motherfucker of all travel strollers came with a travel bag! YEP! (it is more like a dust bag but it works). Not that I needed it because it fit in every overhead bin I’ve flown in so far! You don’t have to take the wheels off. The wheels are high quality rubber (you know me and my wheels) and the wheels not only have rear suspension but front suspension too! There is also what they called a “soft-drive” system so there is no need to lock the front swivel wheel. That feature makes it uber easy to push. I also liked that you can, in the future, add cool accessories. Click here to see all the neat add-ons.

I was sold when I watched this Youtube video of this father review it where he literally sat on the chair himself and bounced on it to make an example of the suspension. The frame is really sturdy. I like the color options and that you can change the colors in the future if you want. I got the green one because green is my favorite color. I used it recently on a trip to Montreal and I’m glad I purchased it. I changed my baby’s diaper in it, rolled around the crazy bricked streets of Old Montreal, used it as a chair for Ryo when we were at restaurants (the canopy folds back which is a nice feature and it becomes a short chair essentially) and I even sat in it myself and breast fed baby! Did I convince you? Haha 🙂

There are so many out there and new ones coming out all the time! Do what I did and test drive them and take your time researching for the one that’s best for you!

Happy Stroller Shopping!

<3 LK


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