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My 10 Must-Have Items for Traveling With a Baby

Kona, Hawaii

Traveling alone or with your partner? Don’t know what to bring? Neither did I.

Over the course of six flights and several long car rides I figured out what worked best for us, especially because I was alone for Ryo’s first flight, so I had to learn quickly. I quickly realized it’s a completely different trip now with a baby.

You might be thinking, “I’ll have to bring a whole bunch of shit” Wrong. You actually don’t need as much as you think, you never do. I over-packed for every trip (I guess I’m still learning!) There are some basic but important items you will for sure want to pack, so I’ve outlined my must-haves to get you started.

My 10 Must have items:

  1. Play mat/ activity centre.
    • I loved having this because it’s soft and super easy to fold/pack into my luggage. I can put in on the bed, the floor or wherever your heart desires in the hotel/place you are staying at.
  2. White noise machine
    • Great for drawing out noise especially if there are other kids in the same house or the TV is blaring and people are talking. Pro tip: it also works really well for adults.
  3. Black out blinds
    • Some of the rooms we were in at our destinations did not have dark blinds, just sheer curtains, which were bright AF. So do yourself a favor and get some black out blinds, they are so helpful, even if they only darken the room a little bit.
    • Some windows are bigger and the black out blinds don’t cover the entire window, but even partial coverage is helpful. Check out my review on the ones I purchased on amazon here.
  4. Baby Carrier
    • Certain places you go will not be super stroller friendly or even possible, so this carrier is going to help significantly in those places.
    • Suggestion: wear baby on the back if you can, as it lightens up the load on your back significantly (it sounds counter intuitive, but trust me – it works!)
  5. Travel stroller as opposed to your huge regular stroller.
    • Now, you may be okay with hauling your large stroller everywhere and if you do that’s great.
    • It’s also really not that bad bringing your large stroller if you’re traveling with some one. Our stroller is expensive, so I didn’t want it to get thrown around without a bag to protect it, which was a problem when I traveled alone.
    • The stroller bag adds weight, so after my second time traveling alone with Ryo I decided to get one of those tri-fold strollers that you can fold with one hand. Check out my post on the travel strollers I liked and didn’t like HERE.
  6. Baby Sleep Sack
    • You’re going to be in a different environment and your baby will most likely realize this, so you’re going to want to try your best to replicate their home environment.
    • The sleep sack can help with this. Ryo knows it’s bed time when I put him in his, it’s like his little cocoon. When he was younger I was able to swaddle him with muslin wraps, so before we had the sleep sack we just brought all the muslin wraps.
  7. Baby Monitor
    • As anyone who watches my Instagram stories can tell you, I’m obsessed with watching Ryo’s every move while he’s sleeping. Also being a first time mom I was worried about SIDS, so I always wanted to keep an eye on him, even on especially on vacay.
    • Most baby monitors are portable enough to take on vacation, so bring it!
  8. Travel bag for your bucket seat/infant car seat
    • Whether you spent a little or a lot on your baby’s car seat you’ll want to protect it. Sometimes (but not always!) the airline will wrap your car seat in a clear wrap (that may or may not get ripped) but don’t think for one second that this protects it! Don’t forget they’re going to throw the car seat regardless and it’s going to get banged up or wet if there’s inclement weather.
    • Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to put a baby in a wet car seat after a long flight. These things can be mitigated or even avoided entirely with a travel bag. Protect your things, especially when you paid an arm and a leg for them! Another plus with the car seat bag and a tip I can give you is to wrap the car seat in blankets (that can later be used for baby on the trip!) for extra protection inside the bag. This way, the car seat bag doubles as extra luggage for blankets free of extra charges. Most airlines will let you check your car seat and stroller for free. Don’t worry about the ticket lady asking what’s inside – they don’t question blankets. I’ve even put my pump inside the car seat and gotten away with it. I was pumped about that!!
  9. Tumbler
    • This is more for you, MAMA BEAR! A coffee travel mug that has a good lid is essential. You’ll need that coffee, tea or vodka (whatever your vice is to keep you LIT) because it’s quite possible baby will be partying the whole flight. If baby is sleeping you can drink with ease and simply close the lid and throw it in your bag or on your seat when you’re done. This was helpful because even supermoms only have two hands.
  10. Baby First Aid Kit
    • Make your own little kit. Put it in a ziploc bag. Done. That’s what I did! You’ll want to have this in case baby gets sick, starts teething or becomes gassy/fussy.
    • Luckily I’ve never had to use any of the items, but I’d rather they be there if I do need them.
    • To give you an idea, my kit included: baby Tylenol, baby Advil, boogie wipes, saline spray for children, nose/snot sucker(Fridababy Nosefrida), teething drops (Camilia brand), teething toys, extra soothers, colicky drops (Cocyntal), nipple cream, sun screen, and condoms. YES GIRL, CONDOMS, let’s get poppin’ on vacay (if you’re at that point, yet) but nothing needs to be popping’ inside of you, you don’t need to get pregnant now, I mean unless you want to…

Notice that something not on the list was a playpen/or travel crib. I haven’t had the experience with bringing one with me. We have been lucky and we’ve had huge beds wherever we’ve traveled to, and I didn’t see a point lugging a huge pack and play or bringing an extra sleeping contraption when there’s always been a perfectly good sleeping space for Ryo.

I know there are a lot of great travel cots for baby out there, but I have yet to use one. I will be using a pack and play in a future trip so I will update this post when I do!

Hope this helps! Happy Travels. I would love to hear your travel stories, and please send any questions you have a long – don’t hesitate to ask !!

<3 LK

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