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My Baby Is Having A Serious Case Of FOMO

Who needs sleep anyways!

Well, Hello again! If you’re reading this I’m assuming you want some more Badass Mama! Ask and you shall receive – more you shall get!
Let me talk just a second about sleep. OH sleep, oh sleep, where art thou, sleep? How I miss thee so.

Let me tell you, I really didn’t appreciate sleep before I became a Mama. I sure damn appreciate it now. Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard, “Once your a parent you don’t really sleep for the next 18 years”. My response to that was ​NO way that’s legit​… but so far they have been right. “They” being the many people who were parents way before you, and who basically tell you all the negative stuff before you become a parent to scare you, just a bit, but not enough to stop you from having kids – or trying to make babies 😉 wink wink, nudge nudge, hmph hump) LOL
Jokes aside I will say that Ryo has been a pretty good sleeper, I have been really lucky, but it wasn’t always out that way – we started rough! Ryo was waking up every 2 hours to eat, sometimes every 45 minutes. Good ol’ ​cluster feeding​. So yes, if he was awake, I was awake.

I’m still exclusively breastfeeding as well, so it’s not like my husband could get up and feed him… I mean, Ken could have woken up, lifted my boob and placed Ryo onto me while I stayed asleep… actually, why didn’t I think of that before? That would have been amazing!

I’ve been feeding on demand. Which means feeding baby anytime he demands it – and I don’t use the term ‘demand’ lightly! Especially because Ryo had ​Infant Jaundice​. Long story short, this happens because the baby’s liver isn’t mature enough to get rid of the bilirubin which causes them to look yellow. Yes, yellow. My baby actually looked like he had actually been tanning this whole 9 months, but fear not, the jokes about him being yellow (asian) flowed freely. Unfortunately, I didn’t write them down, so sorry! I was advised to feed and feed and feed to flush the bilirubin out of him. Poor guy had to have his heels poked every week, sometimes twice a week, to check his bilirubin levels.

I didn’t know this but apparently jaundice is common with asian babies, and in case it wasn’t already apparent, little Ryo is asian (mostly – haha!). It took about 2 months for the jaundice to flush out, so luckily the levels were low enough after feeding so often that we did not need to do UV light treatment. Because it cleared up, I have no experience with further treatment, so I can’t really go into much detail about what UV light treatment entails but from what I’ve heard there’s a warm bed that shines UV light on him multiple times to treat the jaundice… so yes, like a tanning bed for babies.

My tanned baby

We are currently passing the 4 month mark since giving birth. I think we are now experiencing the ​4 month regression​. Fancy terms like this are used by doctors about your baby’s growth, and that’s great and all, but it all leads back to one bolded statement: ​baby doesn’t sleep​.

F-U-N. So I feel like i’m going back in time, 3 months backwards, to when Ryo was waking up every few hours to feed. And when he wakes up he’s not always hungry!

“Wait, wait, Liza,” you say, “How do you know this? How can you tell when he’s not hungry?”
Basically I’ll start to feed him and he starts to eat but then he unlatches and then turns his head towards the TV, at who’s chatting, the ceiling, literally anything but my boob. He will even just stare at me with this glare like, “Bish you know I just want to hang witchu!”
I joke, but seriously – he just wants to hang out. He just wants to be with us and have all the attention in the world.

Car seat = Maybe I’ll sleep.

He used to sleep in the car seat while we were out but now as soon as he hears us girls talk he wakes up – with a smile of course, and as I’m sure you’ve guessed that goes over just ​terribly. ​Just kidding, that is super cute and he steals all the girls hearts and attention. He’s a social butterfly – Like mama 🙂 I love the little person he’s becoming. He talks so much (again, like me) although sometimes it’s not talking, it’s screaming. Also he has the cutest little laugh. The laugh makes up for the tired nights and days.

Don’t you just love that gummy smile !!

How am I dealing with all of this awareness of his? Well, I’m kind of just winging it to be honest. I know there’s a lot of do’s and don’ts and guidelines or even rules about how to have your baby sleep at night better or how often to nap during the day and for how long.
Do I swaddle at night or during the day? Should I co-sleep? The list goes on for days.

There are so many books, articles and social media accounts with amazing women who can show you the way and will give you amazing advice (sometimes for a cost – hey, a mama’s gotta eat!) but while I do take it all into account I kinda just do it my way do what works best. If I didn’t, Ryo would be a tween by the time I finished reading the book of “Parenting Rules”.

All this being said, I’m not a professional who has the right to tell you or give advice but I can tell you what I’m doing and you can use your own judgment and decide for yourself. No different than asking what your mom did for you and/or your siblings.

A good example is co-sleeping – I really don’t think it’s a bad thing for you or your baby as long as you’re safe about it. I’m also not doing it because it’s convenient for myself, it’s convenient for my baby. I’ll sleep without a blanket so that there’s no chance of a blanket smothering him. I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure he’s safe while we can both sleep even if it means i will wake up with the worst back pain, neck pain, and all over body pain. I’ll hold him for hours so he can sleep even though I end up having carpal tunnel because of it.

Sidebar – Yeah, I know, what the fuck? Carpal tunnel? – I thought you only got that if you were on a computer too much! Seriously, Google “mothers thumb” or “postpartum carpal tunnel” and see what comes up. The motion of picking up the baby constantly and the overuse of your arm and wrist in the same repetitive motion is not much different from the computer use, just a lot less ergonomically designed.
I went for physio and wore a wrist splint at night which helped tremendously.

Also, I find that holding my overly large tit awkwardly so my child can be fed is a double whammy. BUT – I do what’s best and easier for Ryo and therefore for our family, and I know every single mom out there has chosen their baby’s best interest over their own comfort, and so will you 🙂

I have an amazing group of women who I met from a birth and baby class. We all became friends in the span of 10 weeks and they’re all crazy supportive but we all differ in some way.

Those differences mean that we have all done things individually different and it’s what works! We all share with each other what we have been doing and we all help each other.

My child just woke up brb…
2 hours later

Hi guys, I’ve recruited some one to help me blog:

I started this post as I just learned what FOMO means (fear of missing out) and let me tell you – my baby has serious FOMO!
(I looked it up on Urban dictionary)

Sigh, Is this a sign of age? The fact that I am googling what the new lingo is? NAH! I’m still young and hip. Hip? Who even says that anymore…

Well, I don’t want to miss out on Ryo right now and his goofiness, I must entertain this mini dictator so until next time y’all!


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  1. Erin
    March 5, 2019 / 8:39 pm

    I can totally relate to this, Liza! Our little guy is 4.5 months now and he has gone from being a super chill baby and decent sleeper with stretches of 7-8 hour sleep to a super intense baby and waking every 3 hours. He is also a total attention whore and wants to be in the conversation at all times…which mainly consists of screams and squeals. This is super cute at times but with the lack of sleep around here, it can get old!

    I know that babies go through a big developmental shift between 4-5 months where they become more intentional (eg. they can reach for objects and then put them in their mouths…. or can make a noise to intentionally get your attention), this combined with changes in sleep cycle probably has a lot to do with this 4 month regression. I think by 5.5 months babies’ development shifts again, so let’s hope another few weeks brings us both more sleep 😬. You’re doing great momma; thanks for sharing ❤️

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