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New Mama Here!

Well Hello there! Welcome to my blog. A little corner of my own in the universe of THE internet for me to write/vent about my life (the good times and the bad times). Highlighting

, of course, my life as a new mama, a Badass one for that matter (hence the name)!

Some warnings before proceeding:  ( is this what bloggers do? if not – look at me starting a new trend? ha)

  1. I am new to this blog thing. I am by no means a good writer. I’m sure i’ll misspell some words and my grammar will be wrong and OH I may use there, their and they’re in the wrong context. Shameful I know – so if i’m all over the place – then sorry, not sorry.
  2. I swear a lot. No explanation needed. ( Ya ya ya, I know i’m a mom now so I really shouldn’t, but hey, I’m still an adult and I remember my parents saying to me as a kid that they could swear because they are adults – Im going to live by that.
  3. I’m funny. haha -WELL I try to be. My husband tells me he doesn’t think I’m funny – but we know thats why he married me, OVY! I can laugh at myself. Which I think is a great thing. Laughter is a cure for everything!
  4. I don’t want to offend anyone, so if you are easily offended maybe this is not the blog to read. I have no intentions of offending anyone but hey shit happens. Im going to speak my mind. Everyone should – its the “in” thing to do now.
  5. There will be nudity – not the kind you dirty minded people are thinking. Im talkin’ big ass honkin boobs and big ass nipples which I AM VERY PROUD OF. I inherited these honkin junga’s after I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy Ryo. I will most definitely post pictures of myself breast feeding where you will most likely see my son Ryo attached to one – I mean I would hope he’s attached to one otherwise it would really weird of me to just take pictures of my breasts and show them to you – who does that? – who am I kidding people do this.

Well now thats out of the way, lets proceed.

If you’re some one who knows me, you’re probably thinking ” she has a blog? Lets see what this shit is about” and if you don’t know me, you’re obviously here to see what this badass mama is all about. Right? Yea, lets go with that ! haha

I wanted to start blogging because I realized being a mom was so much more than I expected, I wanted to share my experiences and knowledge to other women. Before you think anything negative, let me start with saying that its amazing. I love my little baby boy, I love being his mom, but like I say in my tag line “Motherhood is amazing, but god my nipples hurt” – Very true statement my nipples fucking hurt.


While I was pregnant I thought to myself constantly ” Oh I got this, I know what to expect – Im guuuud”. I was so wrong. My husband and I hummed and hawed about going to a prenatal class – (more like I hummed and hawed). It cost money first of all and I felt like I could wing it,which a lot of people do and thats totally fine. However, I thought again and thought for Ken(my husband) that he may need the info – but not me because I knew it all ( haha ). So, I signed us up and the first class I was blown away on how much I did not know. The class prepared us as much as it could but then we gave birth  I gave birth to Ryo. Yep, it hurt – a lot. BUT I have said this over and over again through out the last few weeks breast feeding is by far harder than giving birth, at least in my experience.

I’m only 5 weeks in and i’m still figuring it out. So here I am blogging and will continue to blog about my experiences as a mom, a fuckin’ Badass Mama.

Before I became a mom, I would never have posted a picture like the one attached to this entry. Im pretty shy ( I know this maybe shocking to some people who know me). I was afraid I would be judged and criticized but after the last 5 weeks, that all went out the door. Im more confident – or maybe i’m not. Maybe I just don’t care if people will judge me ( I care a little but hey I’m human! )

November 2018

My Daily Routine




Breast feeding is a natural thing” – thats what they say – it’s really not. I’ll elaborate in another entry as I’m positive that will be a long ass essay.


Anyhow this is my first entry I hope you enjoyed this as reading material and continue to read my blogs as I journey into becoming this Badass Mama I claim to be.

FYI: This blog entry took me 3 days to finish as I do have a 5 week old who always needs me  – who knew I would be tied down to him 24/7 – NO ONE TOLD ME ! (kidding, for those who don’t get my humour)


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  1. Jaimie-Lynn
    December 12, 2018 / 12:45 am

    She’s not your regular mom, she’s a cool mom

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